Styrolution ABS Q3FY17 Concall Summary

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Financial highlights

Styroluion ABS Q3FY17 Financial Performance
  • Profit before tax increased to Rs 6148 for 9 months ending December 2016, corresponding to 3293 for previous year. Increase of 87% due to competitive pricing & focus on margin improvement
  • Sales volumes decreased to 95.9 KT for 9 months with regards to 105.4 KT for previous year. Mainly due to demonetization & lower production. Gross sales decreased to Rs 118544 lakhs from Rs 132045 lakhs with a reduction of 10.2% mainly due to constraint in supply of key raw material Butadiene & also due to demonetization
  • Profit Before Tax for Q3 was 923 lacs corresponding to 472 lacs previous year
  • Gross margin is about 25%
  • Globally, there are no major ABS capacity additions. There are few in china. Overall capacity utilization in the global industry will only grow higher in the medium & long term.
  • Benzene & styrene prices have gone up in last 2 months
  • Margin is generally between 15-22%
  • Introducing healthcare products in India for sale & not with an aim to manufacture
  • Expecting a price rise of 10% as supreme petrochemicals have raised the price of polystyrene by over 10%.
  • India being a importer of ABS the company expects demand as the per capita income increases.
Styrolution ABS  Q3FY17 Segment Performance

Specialties Segment

  • Revenue increased to Rs 25480 lacs for Q3 as compared to 25333 lacs last year. However for Q2 there was decrease in revenue of 14% to 25480 lacs as compared to 29645 lacs last year
  • Profits before tax increased to 1553 lacs for Q3 corresponding to 542 lacs last year with an increase of 187%. For Q2 it decreased to 1553 lacs corresponding to 3229 lacs last year decrease of approximately 52%

Polystyrene segment

There was a loss before Interest, tax & unallocated expenditure of 239 lacs in the Q3 as compared to profit of 141 lacs to corresponding last year. For Q2 corresponding profit of 197 lacs

Demonetization effect

  • Volumes deferred because of demonetization
  • Four wheeler demand was down 5%. Two wheeler demand was down by about 30% back in December
  • But for January the demand has picked up now the 4 wheeler demand is about 10% while 2 wheeler demand is about -15%.