Zensar Technologies Q3FY17 Concall Summary

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Zensar technologies Q3FY17 financials

Financial Growth

  • Quarter revenue grew by 1.3% from $116 million to $117.5 million.
  • In INR terms quarter-on-quarter revenue grew 2% from Rs.776.7 crores to Rs.792.2 crores.
  • Gross margins grew by 2.3% in US dollar term and 3% in INR term quarter-on-quarter.
  • Our net profit grew by 17.1% in USD and 17.9% in INR again sequentially.
  • Q3 digital revenue accounted for 30% of the total Zensar’s revenue.
  • Core application services business grew at 1.3% sequentially on constant currency basis.
  • Infrastructure management services grew by 3.4% sequentially.
  • The services component growing at 5.3% driven by the vitalized team.

Revenue Growth

  • The company's revenue grew to 1.9%
  • Financial services vertical experienced quite a strong growth of 9.7%
  • Manufacturing vertical grew by 1.4%
  • Retail and consumer services grew by 0.7% sequentially
  • Revenue from US grew by 0.3%
  • Revenue from Europe grew by 30.2%
  • Revenue from Africa grew by 8.1%

Revenue Growth in Constant Currency

Zensar Revenue Q3FY17

New designs overview

  • Large deal from a net new account which is a $3 billion US based clothing and accessory retailer
  • Another large deal for implementation of next generation commerce platform from one of US largest departmental stores
  • Redesign and conversion of mobile gaming platform of South Africa’s largest online gaming company

The Finance flow

  • On the end of this quarter, the company have spent Rs. 29.34 crores
  • On this quarter alone the company spent about Rs. 16.14 crores
  • The company's outstanding debtors is Rs. 593.28 crores or $87.32 million
  • Total cover at the end of December is $44 million
  • The cash on the books is Rs. 539.04 crores or $79.27 million
  • Of which liquid cash is Rs. 338.66 crores or $49.80 million
  • In short term investments at Rs. 200.38 crores which is $29.47 million
Zensar Tec Q3FY17 Revenue & EBITDA in USD

Client Data

  • Revenue from top 5 clients is 37.5%
  • Revenue from top 10 clients is 45.0%
  • Revenue from top 20 clients is 20%
  • A increase was seen in active clients by 215
  • 41 new clients were added in the period
Zensar Tech Q3FY17 Client Data


  • Public shareholding decreased down to 51.4%
  • Promoter shareholding increased up to 48.6%
Zensar Tech Shareholding Q3FY17