ATTENTION: 10 Revolutionary Technologies Will Change The World

Ten Emerging Technologies

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Recent technological advances are making it all look like another industrial revolution at the anvil. And with the following list that we have put together for the most significant emerging technologies that matter, you would be a believer of the next industrial revolution too. The list contains gene editing, nano medicine, integrated transactional database at global level, UAVs, cost effective space exploration and more!

1. 3D Printing

3D printers are breaking new technological barriers every day. The printers themselves are becoming faster, cheaper and more user-friendly. This technology is being envisaged not only for industrial or personal use but medical use as well. And no, we are not talking medical equipment but human tissues including organs. If this happens, then there would be no waiting queues for receiving organ donations or deaths because time rat out!

2. The Blockchain

Blockchain is basically a trail and evidence of transaction on the internet network. This innovation of Bitcoin is key to a massive database which keeps the record of all transactions leading to a transparent system. Each block holds batches of individual transactions and sends it to main database once the transaction is completed. There is a time stamp on each block with a link to previous block. The blocks and resultant database are tamper proof and cannot be modified or revised.

3. Perovskite Solar cells

Perovskites Solar cells basically use hybrid lead or tin-hallide based materials. According to NREL efficiency chart, this has increased the energy efficiency of solar energy based devices to 22%. This change in the way of production of Solar Cells would bring the cost of production substantially and make solar technology more viable as well as affordable. This technology shall also reduce the size of solar cells that presently is humongous!

4. Unmanned Systems

UAVs or unmanned vehicles are now set to be part of our everyday life. Right from spheres like agriculture to medical, these systems are taking the world by storm. Unmanned cars with auto cruising have already become a reality. They are proving to be more efficient and reliable drivers than human beings. Further, drones are going to take shipping and delivery systems to a completely new league in the future.

5. Internet wear

A number of apps have been launched that help humans with health. Apps that remind you about your medicine time, calories burnt by exercising, calorie intakes etc are quite popular these days. Wearable internet is already available in form of watches but imagine your clothing carrying these apps and recording everything you are doing to give you an accurate record of your activities!

6. Nano technology

This technology has been around for sometime but its practical application is making a head start now. Nano technology works by manipulating materials at atomic and molecular levels. It’s use and application in medicine, industries, household, water filtration, military and non-military uses has been found to be very effective and more efficient than the existing technology.

7.  Apple Pay

Apple has just introduced this e-wallet that lets you make payment without swiping or producing physical cards! This application protects your cards from misuse and theft because it never stores the card number nor does it send it you your merchant!

8.  CRISPR- Cas9

This one is a genome editing tool! Yep, we can see your eyes popping but that is the kind of advancement that is happening in the field of medical science. Implications of CRISPR- Cas9 include illness-free lives, longevity, better cell repair and cure of diseases that right now have no possible cures.

9. Indoor Farming

This technology is much more than your general gardening and indoor plantation. Indoor farming is all about taking actual farming at large scale under roof! Indoor farming offers customised environment for every kind of crop which is not possible in natural outdoor conditions. Adequate amount of sunlight, nutrient and minuscule use of pesticides would nurture the food of tomorrow in such facilities.

10. Reusable rockets

Space exploration has always been a very expensive affair partly because of the research and equipment and partly to one-time use of the rockets that take probes, material and stations far out into the space. Reusable rockets are going to lower the cost of space exploration considerably. ISRO has already done it earlier this year in May and many others are going to follow the suit. These rockets can make landing after separating from the load and make a landing in pre-designated region!    

These technologies are the future of mankind. Many of them will lead to better health conditions whereas others are trying to find solutions for issues that might arise in the future!